At Prestige Air Group, safety is paramount. In addition to adhering to exacting maintenance standards as prescribed by the FAA, we pride ourselves on being an Argus Gold rated charter operator. The independent ARGUS rating system looks at an aircraft operators actual safety history, and produces a grade for that operator. If you’re a potential customer of a jet charter company or fractional operator it’s well worth asking about their ARGUS rating.

ARGUS International developed this program over a decade ago, to be the most accurate and detailed third-party due diligence system for charter operators, buyers and passengers throughout the world. The ratings use a proprietary algorithm that forms the foundation of the system.

Operators that have a safety history equal to or greater than their peers are provided with an ARGUS Gold Rating.

Who is rated?

ARGUS maintains records on more than 1,000 charter operators with over 400 ARGUS Rated charter operators and more than 5,000 aircraft as well as 21,000 professional pilots validated in their CHEQ (Charter Evaluation and Qualification) system.The CHEQ staff manages 1.5 million records on charter operators, pilots and aircraft including in excess of 250,000 incident and accident records.

This system is able to confirm:

• The legitimacy of a charter operator

• The safety history of a charter operator

• Liability insurance confirmation

• Pilot training, experience, certifications and type ratings

• Completion of operator performed pilot background checks

Gold Rating – In order to achieve this rating, ARGUS conducts in-depth research into a number of databases and other reputable sources. Historical information on the commercial certificate, pilots and aircraft serial numbers are compiled as well as processed and scored. This information is compared against an aggregate group with similar exposures and determines whether or not the applicant is eligible for the Gold Rating.